Charlie's Bio & June 2004 Return to Midway

Charles James Beggy, Jr., was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, PA, to Bert and Charles Beggy, the first of five children. According to Charlie, he "did the usual growing up thing." About halfway through high school, though, he decided to become an electrical engineer and take advantage of the G.I. Bill to go to college - the first in his family to do so. This was a great opportunity for poor kids to get great educations.

Serving two years of draft time would give Charlie 36 months of college (enough for four years' education). His preferred college was Carnegie Tech, because it had a very high rating in engineering and the campus was a mile from home. In order to get into Carnegie, he had to take tests, so the Navy granted him leave after he returned from his Med cruise to take the tests (which took two days). Over 750 people competed for 200 openings; Charlie scored high enough to win a spot.

After graduating in 1952, Charlie landed a job with Engineering and Research Corporation, working on flight simulators and radar. He ended up at Perrin Air Force Base, outside Denison, TX, where he bought a Piper J12 (with a buddy from work). See photo at right.

One hot morning at a cafe, Charlie and his friends were having breakfast when a pretty redhead wearing a mink coat flounced in. Charlie asked his waitress, "What was that!?" She was Teresa Faecke, a local girl who had just won a mink coat in a contest (below; at right, Terry is standing closest to the plane). They were married October, 1953.

Charlie & Terry have five children, four grandchildren, and two granddogs (the photo of the five kids below was taken in March 1998; L to R standing - Roseann, Charlie, Terry, Kay, Ed; and L to R seated, Tom and Mike).

Charlie worked for Hughes Aircraft Company (now Raytheon) in California and then in Tucson, AZ, until 1983, when he took early retirement. He and Terry then moved to the Mimbres Valley near Silver City, NM, where they spent three years building a passive solar adobe house, designed by him.

Midway Revisited

In June 2004, Charlie and Terry, and two of their five children, Ed and Roseann (with her husband, Jonathan) visited the newly opened Midway Museum in San Diego, California. Click Links, below, for a link to the museum website.

Charlie and Terry Beggy in June on the Midway "Pri-Fly" (primary flight control). They will be married 51 years this October.
Charlie and Terry's youngest daughter, Roseann, and her husband, Jonathan Hanson, pose in front of an F-14 Tomcat on the Midway in June 2004. Click here to hear Roseann talk about her Midway experience. [High speed connect recommended; this is a 450kb mp3 file.]

Left: Second-oldest son, Dr. Edward Beggy, through a porthole under the bridge.

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