Charlie's Bio & June 2004 Return to Midway

Charlie on the flight deck, talking with another former Midway sailor during the June 2004 visit to the Midway at its permanent dock in San Diego.

The San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum has spent many years turning the Midway into the premier flagship carrier museum in the country (see Links, below), with mostly volunteer labor and funding from members and organizations.

Everyone was extremely impressed by the job well-done. We couldn't believe we spent over 5 hours and didn't get tired!

Right: Charlie on the flight deck, starboard, looking for any sign of the old radio shack and his quarters (which were under where he was standing).

Below: In the mess, Charlie tells Roseann, Terry, and Jonathan about how the cooks and crew fed thousands of men, three times a day!

Left: On the flight deck, which is vastly different today than when Charlie served aboard her.

Confused by or curious about all the Navy jargon? Click here for a vocabulary of Navy terminology (G-rated - mostly!)
All 2004 Photos (c) by Edward D. Beggy
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