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U.S.S. Midway and related sites: - Official site of the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum - Amazing site by former Midway sailor Troy Prince - Buzz "Eagle 3" Nau's site, called by some the "mother of all Midway sites" - Midway site by Joe Brignone, in memory of his son - Gene Morrow's site, which is well-organized and has a lot of resource information

Midway Magic - Official site of the book 'Midway Magic' by author Scott McGaugh.

Midway's Aircraft - Restoration Site (new). Site dedicated to the F-4 Phantom's that flew from Midway.

U.S. Navy sites: (U.S. Navy official site) (Navy's ship information pages)

Naval History websites:

Great Places to Stay in San Diego (when visiting CV41):

Dolphin Motel - - Wonderful small, family-operated hotel right off the bay, just 15 minutes from the Midway dock, and located near plenty of seafood restaurants, the sportfishing pier, America's Cup fleet, and lots of Naval training centers. Less than $50 a night, clean, friendly, with great views!

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